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Unarmed/Armed guards Training

Whether armed or unarmed, all private security guards undergo extensive training. While this will, of course, include varying degrees of combat tutelage, the hallmark of the best unarmed and armed security guards is the ability to recognize and diffuse any potentially volatile situation. Such proficiency is crucial, preventing the escalation of an incident before it occurs.

Further training includes risk assessment, something especially vital when it comes to the field of armed executive or close protection. Strategic analysis of real, potential, and possible risks, with multiple action plans for any eventuality, are crucial skills of the armed close protection agent.

The number of private armed security guards is on the increase and is a common sight in many public areas. These include places such as banks, schools, and churches.

Every state has slightly differing license and certification requirements surrounding the regulation of armed security guards. When carrying out their duties there’s always the potential of having to discharge their weapon, therefore each individual must have the expertise to store, care for, and correctly utilize the firearm should the situation arise. Such a responsibility naturally warrants extensive and ongoing training.


Private investigation

Personal Detectives, Corporate Detectives, Specialized Detectives, and Legal or Insurance Services.

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We offer a massive variety of enterprise research offerings to our corporate clients regarding numerous factors of their operations. From research of illegal interest through personnel inside the workplace to sourcing facts approximately competitors & offering protection cover for personnel, we provide entire agency investigative solutions.

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FireGuard Services

Fire Guard Services is a leading fire safety and security service supplier. We offer quality products and a reliable service to businesses in the New York.

Our professional approach helps commercial clients meet British Standards of fire safety legislation and ensures regulatory compliance.


Security Training

Executive Protection

At the Executive Protection Institute (EPI), we encourage our students to be proactive, cater to the client’s needs, and to avoid problems and threats. We have gone beyond all bodyguard schools. You will leave EPI knowing how to prevent and handle accidents, medical emergencies and deliberate attacks. We focus on advance planning and assessments in each of our Executive Protection-related training platforms. EPI has many course offerings designed to meet your individual personal protection training needs ranging from online webinars and seminars to Personal Protection Specialist (PPS) Virginia-approved courses. Check our Protection Training Calendar for current course offerings.

Protection Firearms

EPI offers the ultimate basic and advanced handgun program available to the public pertaining to bodyguards and personal protection specialists with our Protectors Pistol Course (PPC). EPI utilizes a unique approach using an innovative and methodical method focusing on shooting precision (one hole groups) first, and then working on speed. Our courses meet and exceed the state requirements and all courses focus on the protection of others over basic self-defense. We are not the typical bodyguard school. View our Training Calendar for upcoming courses.



security guards are highly trained individuals working in a role of immense responsibility. Many are current or ex-military/law enforcement officers, and all have undergone the necessary training and registration that allows them to carry a firearm in the course of their security duties.

The duties of the armed security guard will differ somewhat, depending on the particular role in which they’re employed. However, the underlying responsibilities and obligations remain the same. These include:

  • The protection of property and/or persons
  • To prevent criminal acts from taking place—such as theft, vandalism, hostility, violence, attacks, etc.
  • Recognize and diffuse potential criminal and/or violent situations
  • React with force (lethal if necessary) should the situation warrant

We understand that different organizations have different security needs. Our services are designed with flexibility in mind, to ensure that you receive the right protection for any environment or situation. The professional security team can customize the services offered based on the level of protection and security you require.


Executive protection

Trustworthy security services with a team that takes client safety seriously.